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» About the Book

About the Book

Book now available!!!!

Best price online at 24/7 -$21.99-Softcover and full color

Information about the publisher can be found here; Author House or call 888 280 7715.


Author shares his passion

Posted August 20, 2008, 1:47 AM EST: The author/photographer has chosen to share his most private vision of love and nature. His exquisitely beautiful photos are paired with very personal reflections on love. The intimate nature of his poetry allows the reader to open the door to contemplating his or her own experiences of love.

A Little Bit of Heaven!!!!

Posted January 26, 2008, 4:13 AM EST: What a beautiful way the Author Jeff Monaco expressed his soul in the poems and photographs, I enjoyed reading it and also felt connected with his poetry, I found the book to be very inspirational. very relaxing and he truly caught hold of what most of us forget everyday in this busy world we live in, this book Love and Nature I highly recommend, It reminds you that dreams can come true if you only allow them to , and he was able to express it from his heart. the feeling that came over my soul when I was finished reading was deeply amazing.

Deeply moving and Inspiring

Posted January 14, 2008, 8:53 PM EST: After reading this book and enjoying the beautiful, breathtaking photography, you will understand the connection between love and nature. The author has done a spectacular job of bringing that feeling out in his book. He makes you remember many feelings that you may have or had at one time or another in your life, but maybe found difficult to express. It is refreshing to know that there is someone else out there who understands and appreciates these precious gifts we have been given. It is just a beautiful, beautiful book all around!


Posted January 11, 2008, 2:35 AM EST: Jeff monaco’s book symbolizes that there truly is a connection between love and nature. He captures the true essence of nature and the impact it has on ones soul. The photographs are really beautiful, and the text, and poetry go uniquely together in a special way. I found the book very inspirational and i believe the author succeeded, in what he is trying to say. In saying that, the book is very original then in what i found in other poetry books, it has a great niche to it. I could tell every thing about this book and not give away the ending, it’s totally in a class by its self.

Love and Nature

Posted January 4, 2008, 11:15 PM EST: The author has an outstanding, and unique way of sharing, his feelings, heart, and soul. We have all heard the cliche stop and smell the roses. If you can connect with the emotions involved and take the time to understand what the author is trying to say, you will get chills up your spine like i did. The book is for sure quite deep and takes you into a kind of a fantasy, but it’s all real. I believe that what he says is very true, and most of us if we apply the thoughts and emotions that he lives,to our own lives would be more balanced and we would live the way god really wants us to live. To be happy,to be free and to be in touch with the simple things that are right there is front of us. Lets face it not everyone is a romantic, or loves nature to that extreme but there is a reason why not. So i would take his advice and try because it sounds like an awfully beautiful world to me, where all dreams can com true!

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